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Dr. Brian Garrett
Garrett Downtown Chiropractic
701 B St. #515 
San Diego, CA 92101

Dr. Brian Garrett is San Diego’s premiere expert in advanced pain management.  As a San Diego chiropractor, he has many years of experience in treating auto accidents, back pain, spinal decompression, sports injuries and the effects of aging.

The doctor’s philosophy of whole body care brings comfort and flexibility to patients that other chiropractors simply do not achieve. His methods and caring attention to detail uncover issues and causes of back pain and neck pain that may be missed by other doctors or healthcare practitioners.

Many patients have increased flexibility and better quality of life after seeing Dr. Garrett   Dr. Garrett, helps patients with pain management by designing a customized comprehensive strategy after careful analysis and examination.  Dr. Garrett is Board certified chiropractor in acupuncture, pain management, applied kinesiology, and integrated medicine, to name a few.

Neck and back pain are very real and should not be dealt with lightly; let us help you manage your pain and get the most from your life.

A Caring, Gentle Touch

Many chiropractors simply “crack your back” (known as manipulation of the spine)  and send you home feeling temporarily better.  Dr. Garrett believes in knowing his patients well, providing sensitive treatments that fit the patient’s needs.  His kind, caring personality invites a long-term relationship with a medical provider you will look forward to seeing.

At Garrett Downtown Chiropractic we care about our patients and work to help patients by relieving pain and increasing mobility. Patients feel at home with us here, which makes rehabilitation an easier process. With our philosophy of family chiropractic friendly customer care that makes everyone feel welcome, and our modern approach to whole body care, we feel as though we provide the best San Diego chiropractic care and wellness therapy.

No two bodies are the same and not every pain management need is the same.  We highly recommend massage theraphy.  However, massage therapy alone may not be enough for every back pain or neck pain condition. That is why we have a multi-tiered approach to treatment. Dr. Garrett works with every patient to delve into his or her particular problem and creates an in-depth plan of treatment and therapy. Our customized plans also include lifestyle advice, where Dr. Garrett reviews a patient’s activities, work schedule, workout regimen and nutrition and makes suggestions for changes when necessary. We also teach corrective exercises that can alleviate areas that have too much strain and strengthens muscles, providing better support to problem areas.

Nutrition is an essential part of our lives and a better diet or more appropriate diet leads to better health and wellness. Nutrition and diet have a large impact on overall wellness and health. Dr. Garrett advises patients on eating habits to help patients attain their optimal health.

Chiropractic care and massage therapy are wonderful techniques that make all of our lives better.

We are always eager and ready to help with any questions, and we are available to set an appointment through our email contact form or simply call 619-232-2225.

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